Turning followers into revenue

In a technological age where nearly 5 billion people across the globe use social media, social media marketing (SMM) can be a cost-efficient way to quickly turn followers into customers and sales quickly. Our SMM team at RiZen Metrics places its primary focus on Facebook advertising, but can also help with other forms of social media ads.

Combining our available tools and years of hands-on experience, we can turn the likes, follows, and interests of your customers into profitable results. This newly competitive environment can feel daunting, but our team is available for consistent monitoring to ensure that your business continues to stand out.

How We Use Social

Why are your customers, your customers? What is it that brings them to you? With this knowledge, we’re able to not only continue to maintain their interest in your company and the dollars they spend. We are able to use this knowledge to both broaden their interest in your offerings and allure first-time customers as well.

We do the tireless work of watching for trends in your customer base, predicting where their attention is heading, and making sure that your business will always be at the end of its journey. By targeting your key demographics, we can ensure that your ads are falling into the feeds of your next customers.

Social Media Management

As with anything, digital advertising is rarely a one-time thing. The more demographic data available, the better we can target the ads. The longer the ads run, the more exposure. This allows us to leverage what is working and what is not to consistently make updates for accuracy and ideal results that drive business.

Moving Forward With Us

We are confident that as you see the continued growth that we are able to provide, your ad budget will increase along with your profits. We’re willing to start small and let our successful strategies speak for themselves.

Here’s the good news, the longer we’re able to work with you the higher the quality of the data we collect for you becomes. In other words, while more traditional advertising campaigns lose their effectiveness over time, our ability to positively impact your business expands the longer we work together.

Connecting customers to your social media presence and using them to drive revenue for your organization is priority #1

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" It is because of the help from digital ads that helped bring awareness to The Marketplace at Steamtown. The team is incredibly helpful and transparent. They make sure that I understand 100% of the time what is going on and that the results are real and effective. "

— Jennifer Warnetsky, The Marketplace at Steamtown

Are you interested in connecting social media users to your brand to swiftly increase revenue and visibility with the world’s 2nd most-used form of digital marketing?

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