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You own a business and start researching a digital marketing agency. You come across an article that stresses the importance of “content marketing” in your search. You know you need an agency to deliver reliable content writing to increase visibility and sales. You notice they have a content marketing page on their website, which you click.

Now, you’re here.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an umbrella term for content creation across social media platforms: website, local listings, Facebook, etc. We will form unique strategies in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your product or service seen by your target audience.

Do you remember your excitement when you first began the journey to starting your business? Our content creation further stimulates that excitement while growing your visibility and sculpting your brand. Written by our team of creative professionals, compelling content will help spark interest in your products and services with consistent updates driven by data through research.

Here are some examples of content writing RiZen Metrics can help your company with:

  • Website copy  (ex.  landing pages)
  • Daily or weekly page posts
  • Blog/article writing
  • Blog maintenance
  • Newsletters

Why is content marketing important?

We write content for you. We are dedicated to getting to know the voice of your business, so we can write seamlessly and in a way that compliments your brand. Content can provide information, draw in traffic, help customers, build trust, and expand your online presence. It allows you to be active and up-to-date in your field, embodying true excellence and expertise across social platforms. The more interesting and informative your content is, the more people will want to share it- expanding your visibility. This traffic can boost conversions, fostering sales and returning customers.

The Difference Is Surprising.

Content Writing vs. Content Marketing

Let's Talk Strategy

Content writing is the first step to an effective content marketing strategy. Content can serve different purposes across different platforms. For example, an in-depth blog may be necessary for your website, but a shortened version in a different tone may be helpful for social media.

Once original content is written and optimized to showcase your expertise and personal brand, we develop a strategic marketing approach to make sure it reaches your ideal audience.

3 Steps to Effective Content Creation:

We stick to a three pronged approach to bring you content your customers are searching for.


We can lead a customer from a simple Google search to your shopping cart or appointment booking. We do this through intensive research by understanding your company’s goals are and combining that with industry trends and data.

What is your industry like? What are customers in that industry concerned about? What would benefit them? What are they searching for? 

By researching these questions, we can put together content that addresses your customers' needs and will lead them to find your product or service.


If a picture says a thousand words, we can get you a thousand clicks.

By writing with precision and engaging content, our writers will paint a picture of your product or service that will turn a curious person into a customer. Then, after we’ve done our research, we will come up with an idea.


Finally, after creating the idea and doing the research, we execute. We take the research and the creative idea to produce content written by trained writers. We will follow these steps to deliver engaging and personalized content consistently. This content is what brings the customer to you!

Interested in teaming with us to create content that instills trust and expands your audience and brand, turning viewers into customers?

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