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RiZen Metrics is a digital marketing company for business owners & executives that helps companies reach goals and increase visibility through innovative solutions in digital strategies and collaboration.

We know the importance of digital marketing. We understand that being a business in the modern era means standing out. Most importantly, we know how to put you in front of the rest. Our experienced digital marketing team focuses on creative, results-driven solutions.

We turn internet traffic into in-person transactions.

As a result, your business grows. In addition, our digital marketing team uses an array of scalable packages. These allow us to personalize advertising for any business on any budget.

We are here to work with you, so you can meet your company’s goals all while being better seen online.

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You care about your customers. We value ours, too.

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The Areas Top Digital Team

RiZen Metrics brings a team of creative professionals with 20+ years of expertise in verticals like healthcare to provide clients with a full-service, digital marketing experience that facilitates company growth. With our hands-on, strategic and solution-oriented approach, we work with you, for you.

Steven Brunetti
Steven Polito
Lenny Holeva
Analytics Officer
Candace Dibble
Executive Coordinator
Phil Migliarese
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Luke Brunetti
PPC Ad Specialist
Lisa Depitro
Vice President of Product Development
Brooke Lamberti
Director of SEO & Content Writing
Bill Dempsey
Director of Client Relations

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