5 Facebook Habits That Will Improve Your Small Business

Let’s face it, social media is everywhere today. People use it to reunite with old friends and connect with new ones, and also access many other social features. Facebook enables a business to market itself beyond their borders and more cost effective than through traditional means. Unfortunately, with new technology constantly bombarding us, it can be a chore trying to find out what it is you should do on a site like this to help improve your business and increase your customer base. This is digital media at its best. This blog will list and explain some Facebook habits you should get into the habit of doing to truly help your business.

Helpful Facebook Habits

Habit #1 -Check Up On the Page Frequently

Number one on this list is probably the most important. A Facebook page for your business is like a pet. It deserves frequent attention, care, and absolutely needs interaction. Make sure to include appropriate pictures, descriptions, and links. Also, just as your business will change over time, so should your page. Make sure to update your page to reflect shifting trends and interests of your industry as well as your customers. Speaking of customers…

Habit #2 -Treat Your Facebook “Fans” Like a Community

It might seem silly at first, but the people who come to your page should be treated the same way as your customers that walk through your door. If a person likes your business’s page, chances are they have been there, or like what you are offering. It is absolutely imperative that these people know that you acknowledge and value them. This is a great way to spread the word of your business. If people that come to your page are acknowledge and engaged, word will spread fast. If only there was a way to let them know you are listening…oh wait there is!

Habit #3 – Post, Post, and Post Some More

Posting just about anything to your followers can help shape the way they think about you. The more active and engaging you are to your followers, the more opportunity you give to them. That being said, be sure to still maintain a focus/goal and not over flood your newsfeed at the risk of becoming white noise. They can (and will) voice any concerns they have with your business. They can also give you tips on what they like and dislike. This is your audience! Best of all, it’s free market research. Make sure to listen to them closely, this way you can make changes accordingly. This in turn will show your page visitors that you know how to listen and what they say matters.

Habit #4 – Offer Promotions

What is better than visiting a business’s page and seeing an offer for something free? Not much if you ask me. This is a great way to promote. Promoting a business with offers and discounts not only spreads the name of your business, but it therefore gives people an incentive to come visit. Offering fresh promotions will assure that business stays steady, and keeps customers hungry for more.

Habit #5 – Keep in Touch With the People That Matter

Now it is time to use social media to make sure that you keep in contact with important people and businesses. Who are the “important people”? Well, everyone who visits your page is important, but your VIPs are those engaging with you and sharing your content with their personal networks. Believe it or not, every connection you make on social media can greatly benefit your businesses’ future. These loyal customers and institutions can help spread the word, and wrangle in more customers. They can also direct potential customers to your page via references and shout outs. The more presence your business exudes in online communities, the better the chances of its success.

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